Josh Rogan


Riveted Rough Tracks #3

Song Title “I lie to myself” #liveriveted @airstream_inc in my 1962 Safari Airstream. She is My rough track recording studio for the winter.

Riveted Rough Tracks #2

“Coast to Coast” Instrumental written and performed by Josh Rogan

Riveted Rough Tracks #1

This is the first of many recordings to come, they are called ” Riveted Rough Tracks”.

A Dream of Getting There
The American Road, American Rock and Roll, American Motorcycles, and a dream – not just an American Dream, the Universal Dream; to be Free, to exchange stories, to share music, to ride the open road. A Dream of Getting There, wherever there may Be. Johnny St. Ours, videographer/artist traveled with the Rogan Brothers Band to Sturgis, documenting the band’s trip across America. This is a small snippet of the adventure.

The Rogan Road from Johnny St.Ours on Vimeo.

Josh Rogan interview on WTJU by Aer Stephens.